Storytelling Workshops

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Storytelling Workshop for ages 3-10

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Children enjoy listening to stories in the oral tradition, observe puppet presentations, create their own finger puppets.

The first narration of the story will be illustrations from the story. It goes smoothly like reading a book with pictures. The never-heard-before story is quietly absorbed by the child with wrapped attention. During this narration the children are introduced to new words along the way with the help of story characters that come out of the box as the story progresses.Narration is enacted with puppets of characters from the story. By this time, the children already know how the story moves, the names of the characters and they can recall most of the key words. During the puppet enactment, there is active participation from the children as the story is told. The kids are encouraged for speaking and role playing at the end of each story The stories for this semester will focus on seasonal themes. The children will make their own small puppets/ props/ crafts. This class is a developmentally appropriate means of introducing language and practical skills into child’s life.


The Storytelling Workshop runs Thursdays from 4-5pm starting with a trial class on Thursday, January 4th followed by a 3-week session. Open Play is included with all classes, so arrive early and stay later for Open Play. 

Sign up for your trial class and/or the 3 -week session here