Play City's SCIENCE Club

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Play City's Science Club

Play City's Science Club makes science cool and exciting; through interactive and hands-on fun for children. Have you ever mixed together two liquids to create a solid? Made glowing slime or lava? Built and launched your own rocket? How about making your own bouncy ball? These are just some of the fun science experiments, we have rolled up our sleeve. 

Science Club will be offered on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm; starting on Thursday, March 8th. The 4-week session is $150 for non-members, $125 for siblings, and $75 for members (use code MEMBERCLASSES) and includes open play before/after class. If space permits, we welcome drop-in's at the pro-rated rate of $37.50/child, $31.25/sibling and $18.75/members.

Click here to register your child today. Use code MISSEDTWOCLASSES to join the session late.