Closed for Renovations starting on August 12th

Closed for Renovations IG.jpg

We are excited to share some good news with you! Play City is getting all new play equipment. We are also adding an imagination-based playspace and a play area for crawlers and pre-walkers. What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, we cannot stay open while removing the existing equipment; this will happen after we renovate the playspace layout; nor while installing the new equipment thereafter. We don’t know exactly how long the renovation will take; but we feel confident that it will be done by the end of August. The only major change for our playspace after the renovation, is that we will be charging for pre-walkers because we will have a play area for them!

We are exciting for the upcoming renovation! We hope your children will love our new playspace! And we hope you and their caretakers; will love the new playspace, even more! We hope you will take these last few weeks of August, to enjoy the rest of your Summer – whether at the pool, beach, spray or water park, vacationing or back to school shopping!

We will be open regular hours throughout the weekend. Come and say goodbye to our old equipment, take one last dip in our ball pits and imagine a new and improved playspace coming your way! Visit this page for updates throughout our renovation journey.