Open Play


We have three ways to play: drop-in, savings passes and unlimited open play.


  • $24.99 per child (walkers up to the age of 12);

  • $19.99 for each additional sibling (following the first child);

  • Parents/caretakers of a paying child are free; limit two per visit;

  • $7 for each adult thereafter;

  • Parents/caretakers of a pre-walker only are $7 each;

  • Leave and come back with a reservation;

  • Only $15 for a class offered in the same day;

  • Upgrade to a Savings Pass or Subscription before we close;

  • Save $2 per child, when you register in advance and online.

Savings Passes

Savings Passes bring the cost down to as low as $17.50 per child.

  • Stay as long as you would like but pay a re-admission fee if you leave;

  • Savings Passes do not expire;

  • Our 4-Time Play Pass cost $75 and brings the cost down per visit to $18.75 per child and offers a $25 savings;

  • Our 10-Time Play Pass costs $175 and brings the cost down per visit to $17.50 per child and offers a $75 savings;

  • We sell a Savings Pass for parents/caretakers of pre-walkers. This Pass costs $50 and brings the cost down per visit to $5 per adult and offers a $20 savings.

  • For your accounting convenience, we also offer Savings Passes in other increments: 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36;

  • Upgrade to a Subscription before we close.

Unlimited Open Play

  • Join Play City for the whole year and enjoy Unlimited Open Play with one low, monthly subscription fee;

  • $49.99 for one child; $14.99 for the second sibling and then $9.99 for each additional sibling, plus sales tax;

  • Subscribers also get 5% off of Birthday Parties and save $5 off of classes;

  • Make reservations for Open Play throughout the Year;

  • Memberships start on the day you join and last for one year. If you cancel before the year, you will be charged the balance of your subscription and issued a gift card for the remaining balance; with the same expiration date as your subscription.

Give the Gift of Play!

Click here to purchase a gift certificate. You can also purchase a Savings Pass or a Subscription for Unlimited Open Play for the giftee.