What are the ages of children that play at Play City? Play City is designed for children ages 1-9. The equipment is designed for children up to the age of 12.

How much is Open Play? The cost of Open play ranges from $17.50-24.99 per visit. If you plan on visiting Play City more than twice per month, our yearly subscriptions bring the cost down per child to $1.66 per day or $11.90 per week. We do not charge pre-walkers nor parents.

What are your hours? I see your website says Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm and Friday-Sunday from 10am-8pm... But I have arrived during those hours and you were not open. We are a reservation based playspace, which means that our hours may change, based on reservations. In order to ensure that we are open upon your arrival, we recommend that you make a reservation online or by phone. You can also call ahead before heading over.

How often is the playspace equipment cleaned? We clean the equipment, playspace and common areas (lobby, café, hallways and bathrooms) daily. We clean with Lysol cleaner spray and disinfect with Lysol disinfectant spray and Lysol wipes throughout the day. Our ball pits are disinfected daily, spot cleaned throughout the day and emptied out and cleaned monthly. Keep in mind, the outside parks are only cleaned with rain. We do a diligent job in maintaining the cleanliness of the space daily. It helps that we require socks and do not allow shoes into the playspace.

Do you have any other locations? Not yet! But if Play City Weehawken is successful, we plan to open more locations!

Do you offer classes? Yes and no! We partner with outside companies, so that they can teach their classes, in our space. Parents can choose from Music, Story Time Enrichment, Soccer Skills, Gymnastics, Spanish Music, Art and Zumbini. Classes do not include Open Play but parents can add on Open Play to an individual class or bundle classes with a 8 or 10-week session.

How come you do not allow outside food, drinks or snacks? We do not allow outside food, drinks or snacks because we have a café on site!

My child has food allergies, does your café have anything for him? Yes, we do. We offer food, snacks and drinks that are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Kosher and Vegan.

How come I have to wear socks? We require that all of our guests wear socks, to maintain the cleanliness of the space. We sell socks in case you forgot them. 

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