Abrakadoodle Classes

Twoosie Doodler / Mini Doodler Combo Class

(Ages 20 months - 5 Years)

Abrakadoodle believes in hands-on, active discovery and exploration in our art classes for kids.  This encourages a love of art, learning and innovation! Abrakadoodle embraces “process art”, which simply means that kids learn best as they explore art materials and the creative process of taking ideas from within and bringing them into existence. 

Doodlers gleefully create their own masterpieces using a wide range of quality art materials. Doodlers develop skills important for school success such as fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills and the ability to listen and follow directions in our enchanting environment. This is a mommy/daddy or caretaker and me class.

Twoosie/Mini Doodlers will be offered on Fridays from 10:30-11:15am, starting on May 18th.

The 4-week session is $150 for non-members, $125 for siblings, and $75 for members (use code MEMBERCLASSES) and includes open play before/after class. 

If space permits, we welcome drop-in's at the pro-rated rate of $37.50/child, $31.25/sibling and $18.75/members.

Please note: Class will not run on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend.